Allison Burwell, M.A., LPC

Allison believes that every individual is unique, and provides psychotherapeutic services to assist individuals facing challenges in everyday living.  She believes in the ability of every individual to increase self-awareness through exploration, gain empowerment through personal growth, and generate solutions for a better future. She works collaboratively with each client to identify areas for improvement and develop solutions for sustained well-being. She works with clients in a variety of formats, including individual and family counseling.  She provides psychotherapeutic services to clients of all ages and backgrounds, with her primary population including adults and adolescents. 

Prior to her work in counseling, Allison worked in several occupational settings designed to enhance emotional, physical, and social well-being.  Her work as a volunteer with at-risk youth, a dance/gymnastics and swimming instructor, and administrative work for a non-profit agency which assists low-income families, helped Allison gain insight and understanding into the importance of assisting others from a holistic or biopsychosocial approach to therapy, as described below.

Allison earned a Master's of Arts in Health Psychology from Texas State University, where she focused her education and clinical training on a holistic, or mind/body, approach to the therapeutic process.  The holistic approach emphasizes the importance of understanding all aspects that influence an individual's personal happiness and well-being, including the mind, body, and social/environmental factors.  Her education and clinical training provided her with a great deal of knowledge and experience working with a variety of individuals in both individual and group settings; including an interdisciplinary chronic pain program, private practice, geriatric medical care settings, and an interdisciplinary medical practice. She has experience working with individuals experiencing a wide range of life challenges, including issues related to depression, anxiety, mood disorders (bipolar disorder), personality disorders, trauma, grief and loss, substance abuse and addiction, and adjustment disorders.  She approaches therapy from a holistic perspective, such that, she acknowledges all aspects, including biological, psychological, and social/environmental factors, as interconnected and equally vital to one's overall well-being.  She provides an eclectic approach to therapy that implements practices and procedures that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual in his/her journey of personal growth.  

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